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March Madness

March was a busy month for the Panthers with two league games and a friendly in just a few short weeks! The month started with a resounding 11-0 win against London Leftfooters, with fantastic hat-tricks for Connor (in his first ever game for us) and for Tom Marlow. Leftfooters stuck around for a few drinks afterwards, and it was great to have a large crowd out to enjoy the night and celebrate the win.

The next week was a friendly match against the recently formed Swansea Galaxy FC, a new inclusive team from across the border. Panthers won 6-1, thanks partly to a great opening goal from Josh Mc, but the game was played in a great spirit, with a number of Panthers donning the white Swansea shirts to make up numbers. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Swansea play in matches and tournaments to come.

The third game of the month saw us fly to Edinburgh, a first international match (sort-of) for most. Our opponents were Edinburgh Hotscots, a well drilled and experienced team with a good home record in the league. At half-time the game was 0-0, after some brilliant displays all over the park, especially from Matt Shepherd at wing-back. Sadly, our legs failed us in the second half and Hotscots ultimately won 4-0, though it was a harsh scoreline on the Panthers. Nonetheless, a fantastic weekend was had by all seeing the sights and enjoying the city,

April and May promise to be almost as busy, with two games against Mersey Marauders in the league and Shield, and a game against Manchester Village FC in between. Fingers crossed for the wins!

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